Grow Your Chiro Practice

1st Step for Your 2021 Marketing Plan

How much in revenue or collections do you need to meet your financial goals? How many new patients? Watch this video for the most significant factors you need to consider when constructing your course of action this year!


The first step is getting clear on where you want to be.

Most chiropractors and office managers know the number of new patients they need every month just to keep pace, but now’s the time to focus on growth. Where’s the next next level you want to be at?

For some, that’s opening another office or maybe bringing in another doc, either to increase capacity or to free up your time, so you can take off Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays every week. Hopefully, you’ve already given this some thought. If not, take a moment now to reflect on what the outcome is that you’re looking to achieve next year? How much in collections or patient visits do you need to reach your goal? How many new patients are you going to require every month? I know some months are busier or slower than others, so just average that out over 12 months.

Think about how many new patients you typically get every month on average. Make sure to consider recent numbers, not what you were doing pre-COVID. If those last two numbers are the same, what how many you need and how many you’re getting, then you’re already on track to accomplish your goals for 2021.

But if that were the case, you probably wouldn’t spend your precious time reading the transcript of this webinar, so regardless of how well you’re doing and attracting new patients, you must have some big goals that require a solid plan to hit them.

Without a plan, you’re just adrift at sea, and your practice survival relies on the whim of outside forces that can (and has) shut down in-person events and traditional ways of generating new patients.

Having clear goals can really put wind in your sails. So what are your goals for 2021? What’s your revenue or collections target for the year? How much does that break down monthly? What will be your number of weekly patient visits? And then how many new patients that require each month? And you also need to consider what’s your average sign on rate? Because that’s gonna dictate how many new patient appointments you need every month.

I don’t expect you to know all your current numbers off the top of your head. In fact, most chiropractors or office managers I speak to don’t even monitor these. So make a note just to look into these numbers or have your team provide them to you. Otherwise, you won’t really know what’s gonna take to get you where you want to be.