Grow Your Chiro Practice

Grab Your Low Hanging Fruit

What if I told you that you already have a list of warm leads ready to make appointments? Watch this video that reveals the marketing secret that is 10 times more likely to convert than any of your other marketing strategies!


Retargeting Ads go by many names like Remarketing Boomerang Ads.

I call them Stalker Ads, because that jacket you looked at on Amazon keeps following you around the internet.

And honestly, everyone should be running retargeting ads.

Think about if your website is crushing it and converting 50% of its visitors, that still means that half of the people that came to your website to solve a problem went away without a resolution.

Those are some prime suspects to put your message in front of.

This is what you call low hanging fruit.

The reason that jacket follows you around the internet is because it’s far more likely you’ll click on that jacket and buy it than someone who never went to that product page. And you can show retargeting ads through different networks. It’s not just Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but on the majority of the websites people visit. It’s done through networks like Adroll and Taboola.

Pay attention to the retargeting ads you see as you visit different websites from now on and know that you can do the same thing without having to run a million dollar ad budget.