Grow Your Chiro Practice

How to Multiply Your Results

Are you or your team dropping the ball? Find out how to turn more inquiries into actual patients in this brief video.


Now that I’ve covered the different places for your message, I want to switch gears and talk about the two components that need to be embedded in all of your marketing.

The first component I want to talk about is marketing automation. Here’s the problem that solves the 50% to 60% of your inbound leads that leave unconverted. The root cause of this problem problem is that 90% of submitted web forms fail to convert into actual patient visits. If leads aren’t followed up with within 15 minutes, they go cold. And the average person must be followed up with five to seven times before booking.

At Grow Your Chiro Practice, we know that today’s consumer prefers to interact via text message and chat versus a phone call or email. The solution I’m presenting you is to integrate marketing automation into your processes and touch points (customer journey).

It’s possible for you to automatically follow up with webforms, booked appointments, and other requests without you or your staff lifting a finger!

You can also use Facebook Messenger as your website chat widget, and there are automated tools for that such as Manychat, which enable you to map out different conversations and answer different questions automatically.

The key to success when installing and designing these features is in the follow up. There’s a saying that the fortune is in the follow up. Our clients see this all the time where a person responds to a fourth or a fifth text message, and they finally booked their appointment and actually thank the client for following up.

The beauty of all that is it’s all automated, the office doesn’t have to lift a finger once that’s in place.

In the end, if you’re converting more of those leads into appointments and patients that makes every lead you generate more valuable to you.

Even if you have already implemented every marketing piece I’ve covered, but don’t have your marketing automation in place, then you’re missing out. I’ve seen conversion increases of 30% or more just from this type of automated follow up.

You definitely want to prioritize integrating this into your marketing.