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How to STOP Sending Patients From Your Ads and Website to Your Competitors

Stop Sending to Competitors

After 17 years of working in digital marketing I’ve seen a lot of ads and websites. It’s sad that about 99 out of 100 make some critical mistakes that cost them BIG!

As experienced marketers we have standard blueprints for how to get more patients from advertising and websites. We don’t expect chiropractors or business managers to automatically know and implement these proven techniques.

This article is intended to help docs get more patients from the exposure they already get. Read on to see if you’re making any of these mistakes and what you should do instead.

Must Have # 1:

An offer. This doesn’t mean a CRAZY discount where you give away the farm for $20. It just means an incentive to take action today–this could be a reduced fee for a new patient visit, a free gift, or even a free consultation (although free consults should be used only in specific situations).

Must Have # 2:

A matching landing page. This is NOT your website home page. If you run an ad about helping reduce headaches and migraines, the person who clicked the ad expects to see how to reduce headaches and migraines. Typically this is a path to scheduling an appointment, and the content on the page should focus on getting help for headaches and migraines–not everything you treat, or even worse talking about yourself. People who clicked your ad or visited your website are only concerned about addressing their needs.

Must Have # 3:

Your Facebook Page’s tracking pixel. The point of having a Facebook page is not to share funny memes or cat photos, it’s to get in front of patients. Even if you don’t run any ads at all, if you ever do you’ll want to make it easy on yourself and improve your ROI.

Must Have # 4:

A Boomerang (retargeting) ad on Facebook that only shows to visitors of your website. Did you know you can show ads who came to your website, even specific pages? This is where the Facebook pixel comes in. Pretty much everyone is on Facebook, and almost all are logged into Facebook when they come to your website.

It’s pretty rare to produce patients from more than 3% of those who come to your website. But if they went to your website then they very likely need your help. And if they didn’t contact you (most won’t), then you can put an ad in front of that same person and offer to help. If you’ve ever looked at a pair of shoes online but didn’t buy them, you’ve likely been stalked by those same shoes on just about every website you visit. This is the Boomerang concept where even though they went away you bring them back, and these are some of the cheapest ads you can invest in with some of the best results.

Once you have these 4 core items in place, there are more ways to get even more patients.

I hope this helps you elevate the health and wellness of your community.

Sebastian Mealer
Managing Director

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