Grow Your Chiro Practice

Key Trends For 2021

After having had a year like 2020, your 2021 marketing strategy must cut straight through the noise and convey how you can help your potential clients achieve their health goals. This short video tells you just how to do that!


Let’s talk about the key trends that we see coming up for 2021! These key trends solve the marketing problem you have around reaching the people who need and want your care when you can’t do in-person events like you typically do to generate business.

This means showing up where people are right now, and that’s primarily Facebook and Instagram.

You want to have a strong Facebook presence with your content strategy and ads.

People don’t really want to pick up the phone, so make it easy to reach you by utilizing text messaging and Facebook Messenger on your website and in your marketing automation.

Lastly, you want to get all of your marketing pieces in place because that’s where you’ll see the best possible results. the whole- The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Each one of these implemented elements compounds the results from everything else you’ve done and are doing.