Grow Your Chiro Practice

Make Sure Your Hub Converts

There’s one place in the digital world that requires most of your attention. Watch this video to find out where it is and what you can do to make the most of it!


Your website is your hub. And you want to make sure it converts.

First and foremost, I would actually lump your Google business listing in there, because Google looks at both properties when it decides how close to the top to show either your website or maps listing versus another office.

The maps listing is much more prominent and shows your rating, your phone number, and whether you’re open or not. Your Google listing is going to drive more calls and traffic to your website than you ranking in the regular search results, the ones that appear way down the page.

However, your website SEO does have a factor in the ranking of your maps listing, because Google now has what’s called a Blended Algorithm. Your website and Google My Business listing is so intertwined and critical for when people search for you by name or just searching for a chiropractor.

So the question to ask yourself now is, is your website set up for conversion?
Does it have real photos of the doc, location, and team?

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Show them who you are by putting photos of you and your team instead of stock photos. Does your website speak to your target avatar? Does it address their fears and frustrations, and speak to why they should choose you?

A short welcome video introducing yourself and what they can expect should they come to you can go a long way, and make it obvious you can help them. In other words, instead of talking about subluxations and what services you offer, make it clear what conditions you can treat. Create a page that lists the various conditions they can get help with at your office. Make it about them, not you.

This all may sound counter-intuitive, but they care about themselves more than you. They care about whether you can help them survive and thrive. Make it clear you can help, because I guarantee that’s what they’re trying to figure out when they come to your website. And if it’s not clear, they will leave. They’re not going to work hard to find out. They’re just going to leave and go on to the next one.

Can they easily contact you? Is your phone number visible and tappable at the top and throughout the site? 61% of folks say messaging is the easiest, most convenient way to contact a business. Are you giving them the opportunity to engage with you via chat, so it’s easy to send a message from any part of your website? Can patients book appointments directly from the website? It’s best to not have prospective patients request an appointment by submitting a form, but truly secure an open time slot with an appointment scheduling software.

By the way, web forms are where leads go to die. Too many of them go unanswered or take a long time to follow up, people can’t trust that the form is actually going to get a response. So even if they do submit a request, they’re like going to just look to Google again for another available chiropractor.

Are you leveraging marketing automation and SMS to maximize your appointment conversion rates? All of these factors combined can easily take a 10% conversion rate and turn it into a 70% conversion rate of the website visitors into leads.

Imagine if you get seven times as many new patients from your website. How much faster would you hit your 21 2021 goals? Take a moment to pull up your website and look at it with the perspective I just shared. Is it built to convert? Is it missing any of those components that could get you more patient leads? Jot down any of those items you want your website team to tackle for you. Or if there are too many, this could be an opportune time to overhaul your website.

Going back to our Digital Dominance Wheel: You also wanna make sure your practice shows up in the Google Maps 3-PacK when a person searches for a chiropractor. If you’ve looked up any type of service online, you’ve probably seen results similar to this with the pay per click ads at the top.

The Joint is actually using extensions to take up extra real estate, so they’re the only ones we see here. And then pay per click ads to get about 14% of the clicks for local search intent like this. And then the maps 3-pack gets 68% of the clicks. That means only 18% of the other folks searching will scroll down past what’s visible there.

I’d wager that only happens when the results aren’t favorable, like the listing doesn’t include their website or they’re closed or they have no or few reviews or a bad rating.

Another thing to consider is that when a person searches from a computer instead of their phone, many times they just dial one of the numbers listed there, which means that Google doesn’t track that activity, and the three chiropractors in the maps results actually get even more than 68% of that search traffic.

What most chiropractors and business owners don’t know is that where a person searches from affects the ranking of the results. Of course, it makes sense that searching from Los Angeles is going to give local results instead of a provider in Dallas, Texas. But it’s much more fine-tuned than that. A business isn’t gonna rank in the same spot from everywhere in town. This is called the Pizza Effect. Because Google treats all businesses like it would if you were searching for a pizza place. You mainly care that A) They serve pizza and B) They are nearby. So Google is going to show results based on three factors, and one of those is how close the business is from to where you search from.

Tools like this, like you see in my presentation, can tell you what position you have from different parts of your city. The example on screen shows results every half mile away. So you search for a chiropractor from your parking lot, you see yourself in the number one or two spot and you think hey, I’m doing all right. But try driving a mile or two away and see where you show up. It may not be so good. Like we see here, an office is number two, right by their office, but a half mile away, they’re number six. And if you’re not number one, two, or three, then it really doesn’t matter because you’re not getting the click or the call.

The thing to know is that there are things you can do to improve that ranking in those other areas of town. The three factors are Proximity, Authority, and Relevance. So things like your citations, your Google description, your reviews on Google, and a whole lot more actually can move you into those top three spots from just about anywhere in your city. And once you do that, you’ll get a good portion of the people searching Google for a chiropractor to call you or come to your website (which is now better built to convert those people into leads and appointments!)