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Online Marketing Plan Fundamentals: Your Marketing Message

There’s 3 fundamentals you need to know today to enhance all of your marketing efforts going forward. Watch now, so you don’t “lose and confuse” your audience!


Now that we have your goals and a clear idea of where you want to get to, it’s time to look at how to get there with your marketing.

The fundamentals for your online marketing are your message (what you say or write), your market (who you say it to), and your media (how you deliver your message or where that shows up).

The second thing you want to do is get your marketing message in front of the right people. And it starts with knowing who you’re speaking to. This is a chance to refresh yourself on who exactly you’re trying to attract into your office.

Remember this!! If you try and speak to everyone, you end up speaking to no one.

For example, if your ideal patient is a busy professional woman in her 40’s, who’s married with two kids, she’s gonna have very different desires, concerns, and frustrations than say, a college kid who was in an accident. (or for that matter, a retired man in his 60’s who may be struggling with arthritis or degenerative disc disease).

Of course, you can help every one of them, but their needs and their wants are much different, and the physical or health conditions are going to affect their lives in very different ways. So when you’re messaging, you wanna speak to them in the way that matters to them.

Remember!! When they find you online, whether it be on Facebook, or your website, or whatever, your message helps them understand if you can help them survive and thrive. And if they can’t, they’ll quickly move on. Effective marketing is all about putting together the right message for the right person.

So who is your ideal patient avatar? Are they a homeowner? What’s their age? Really start to get a good picture of who that is. I know you can help everyone or most people out there, but right now you wanna focus on who your ideal patient is, so you can craft a message that resonates with them.

And then down the road, of course, you can develop different messages for different patient avatars. But start with your ideal client avatar first. What are their fears and implications? What are their goals and desires? These are very real things that are going through their minds before they ever think about reaching out to you. As they start to consider chiropractic or you as a way of helping them reach their their health goals, it all boils down to whether you are gonna help them survive and thrive, or confuse and lose them on your website?

So now that we’ve talked about who you’re going to market to, you want to craft your message with messaging that works.

Basically, some important things to consider in messaging are chronic or worsening conditions that can be treated or eliminated without surgery or drugs. Your ideal patients want to be confident that you can actually help and if not, then recommend the appropriate care provider. They want a realistic timeline and treatment plan for this specific condition and goals. So these are just some examples you want to begin getting clear on; What’s going through your ideal patient’s mind and what matters to them, and that’s how you’re going to make sure you get messaging that works.

So what is your message?
Why should someone see you instead of another office or a different type of care altogether?

The answer could be anything from your treatment protocols, how you help people get better faster, or you could have a couple of days you stay open later for people who can’t get away from work, maybe even Saturday mornings.

My own chiropractor opens early twice a week past lunch, and the other two days, he opens early afternoon. But that’s not why I see him or recommend them. I do that because he got me out of pain and helps me feel my best.

So what’s your message?