Grow Your Chiro Practice

The One Strategy that Drives the Results of All Your Activities

In this 2-min video we reveal the one marketing strategy that’s basically a secret weapon for chiropractors. Learn what will increase your results up to 126%!


The fourth piece is to build your content strategy.

I’d say I saved the best for last, but honestly, each piece of the Digital Dominance Method goes hand in hand.

It’s like compounding interest, where every deposit increases the results you see down the line.

Similar to marketing automation, you want to be thinking about your content, strategy, and ultimately, your marketing message throughout all of your media.

And nowadays, content really is king.

The research shows that 70% of customers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads.

And 61% of consumers feel better about a company that delivers custom content, and they’re more likely to buy from them.

Leading with content has been shown to increase website leads by 126%. That’s more important for chiropractic than many other industries.

If people knew what you know about health and well-being, they’d beat a path to your door.

Most folks think chiropractic is just for neck and back pain, and content is your chance to make your community aware of all the ways you can improve their health. So by publishing articles, podcasts, and short videos, and then distributing them across the internet, on your website, Facebook, YouTube, Google My Business even, you’ll position yourself as the local health authority and generate goodwill and build up the Know, Like and Trust factors that lead a person to want to see you.

Google will even reward you by assigning your website and listing with more authority, which is one of those three factors I mentioned earlier that affect your map ranking. I even created a free editorial calendar for you so you have no excuse to not start publishing content immediately!