Grow Your Chiro Practice

Where to Get the Maximum Attention Online

Only 6% of people who follow your Facebook business page will ever see your posts. Watch as I explain what needs to happen to make your business known in your city and position you as your local health authority.


The next major place you want to have a solid presence that can drive huge growth in your practice is social media. People were already spending a crazy amount of time on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Now that more people are staying or working from home, those numbers have shot up tremendously.

You want to have a presence where people are spending their time online. Facebook is still a huge majority of where people spend their time on social media, so that’s where you want to make sure you’re being seen.

I don’t mean posing funny names to your page or asking people if they’ve had their spine checked lately. In fact, most people aren’t even gonna see your Facebook posts. Only about 6% of people who follow your business page will even get shown your content by Facebook.

For businesses and chiropractic offices, running paid ads on Facebook is going to extend your reach more than anything else you do. In fact, if your website needs work, and you aren’t showing up in Google Maps, then investing your marketing dollars into Facebook ads is gonna produce a faster ROI and grow your practice much more than anything else.

Still do those other things, but really think of Facebook as patients today, improving your website conversion as patients tomorrow, and then local SEO or Google Maps as patients down the road.

When you consider that Facebook allows you to pinpoint who you show your ad to it’s the only place you can ensure that you’re putting the right message in front of the right person.

On Facebook, for example, you can offer pregnant women the chance to benefit from the Webster technique. You can then offer regenerative medicines to people experiencing arthritis and you can put new patient chiropractic offers in front of people who prioritize their health even when there are cheaper and easier alternatives available.

This opportunity is only available through Facebook, interest targeting is the only place you can do that. With this method, you can generate patients without even having a website at all! So despite how you may feel about Facebook, the platform, or the company, if you’re not taking advantage of advertising to the right people in your community, you are seriously missing out on a lot of patients who are going elsewhere, or in many cases, don’t even know that chiropractic can help them.

If you want to elevate the health of your community, then you need to be advertising on Facebook.