Grow Your Chiro Practice

Your 2021 Online Marketing Plan

Strategies, tech tools, advertising channels… Where do you begin taking your chiro practice to the next level? Watch now to learn The Complete Digital Dominance Method.


Today what we’re gonna cover is setting your goals for 2021.

In this video, we’ll cover knowing how many new patients you need to hit your targets, three fundamentals of marketing success, and how to optimize your website for conversion in 2021 and beyond.

The big picture goals of your online marketing channels should be tapping in to maximize your patient flow online, latest trends that you need to focus on going into 2021 and then, of course, developing a custom action plan based on where you are now and what you need to do now.

To make good use of this time, turn off the cell phone, turn off Facebook. If you own or manage a chiropractic office and you’re serious about getting better results in 2021, then the next 30-40 minutes are really going to change your life.

There is no fluff. No pitch. Because I respect your time, I’m going to be moving through these points pretty quickly, so you are informed and can identify the key pieces of your 2021 marketing strategy in as little time as possible.

If you stick around till the end, you’ll get access to some free bonuses I put together just for this webinar. These are going to help you jumpstart your marketing activities.

Who am I? And why should you bother listening to me?

I’ve been doing digital marketing for 20+ years. I founded my marketing agency, and have been marketing in the chiropractic space since 2017. I work exclusively with chiropractic offices across the US and Canada. And perhaps, most importantly, I strongly believe in chiropractic and that if people knew more about chiropractic and their health through this lens, they’d be piling into your offices.

I regularly get adjusted myself.

I believe the world needs better health solutions like chiropractic care and there are a lot of so-called chiropractic marketers out there that have a program or a course to sell chiropractors, but have never been to a chiropractor.

I eat, sleep and breathe chiropractic.

Our clients know that I’m a true chiropractic champion, and that’s actually a direct quote from one of them.

I’m also a marketing consultant to other marketers when they have struggles, too.

Before we get started, let’s just take a quick moment and answer this question: What’s the hardest part about marketing your chiropractic office online?

Different doctors and offices will have different pieces in place that they feel good about. So for wherever you’re at right now, what do you feel is the hardest part of marketing online as we step into the new year? And, why is that so challenging?

The answer I see and hear most is that there are so many things you can be doing, it’s hard to say what’s the best way to invest your marketing budget, or what’s going to give you the best return on your investment.

You’ve got websites SEO, Google Pay Per Click, Facebook ads, Instagram stories, social media posting, blog articles, video marketing, reviews, and just so many options that can be really overwhelming or unclear where to spend your money.

What you’re looking at here in this video is the big picture of all the strategies you need to have in place for the Complete Digital Dominance Method.

Think of this like a wheel or a tire, if you have most but maybe not all of these in place, then it’s really like racing the Indy 500 with a flat tire.

These categories are sort of in order of importance, but the big three that’ll really move the needle forward is making sure your website is built to convert, your practice shows up in the top three map listings when a person searches Google for a chiropractor, and then using social media to establish yourself as the local health authority.

Having a content strategy, automation, and follow up really aren’t last on this list. They’re actually more like a foundation that connects to each and every one of the other pieces so those are going to amplify the results of everything else that you do.

For the most part, chiropractic offices invest a lot of money in marketing; in websites, SEO, Facebook ads, and in-person events (which aren’t even possible right now.) By the time chiropractors reach me, they’ve also gone through multiple providers to try and maximize their new patient visits. And too often, I’ve heard they didn’t get much of a return on your investment.

Hopefully, you generate some patients through your website and marketing, but if you aren’t attracting enough quality patients that sign onto care, then you may not have much to show for it and more time has passed without having the growth in your practice that you really want. So that’s why it’s critical that you make smart investments in your marketing that are going to grow your practice the way you want, and that compound over time.

Really the opportunity at hand is and what we’re going to do today is getting you clear, getting a clear plan for 2021 that will end up producing patients today, patients tomorrow, and patients down the road. You’ll need to generate enough leads to hit your goals, whether that be a certain amount in collections, patient visits, or whatever way you measure that for yourself.

Now, this is one of the few times that I actually use the word ‘leads’ because marketers have ruined this term by focusing on generating leads instead of appointments, patients, or collections. I know that names on a spreadsheet or an email don’t pay the bills; You can’t deposit clicks in the bank. But you also can’t maximize your results if you don’t measure them and the number of leads generated is part of that equation.

So to get the best return on your investment, you need to track and optimize how many leads you get, the cost per lead, how many appointments those turn into, the show rate for those appointments, and how many sign onto ongoing care, and the total number of visits and case value per patient.

If you double the performance of one of those factors, then you can double your practice growth, but if you double two of them, then you quadruple your ROI. If you move the needle in several areas, then you’ve basically slapped the turbo-charger on your practice growth engine.

The ideal here is really to maximize your new patient flow so you hit your goals for 2021.

The first step is getting clear on where you want to be.

Most chiropractors and office managers know the number of new patients they need every month just to keep pace, but now’s the time to focus on growth. Where’s the next next level you want to be at?

For some, that’s opening another office or maybe bringing in another doc, either to increase capacity or to free up your time, so you can take off Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays every week. Hopefully, you’ve already given this some thought. If not, take a moment now to reflect on what the outcome is that you’re looking to achieve next year? How much in collections or patient visits do you need to reach your goal? How many new patients are you going to require every month? I know some months are busier or slower than others, so just average that out over 12 months.

Think about how many new patients you typically get every month on average. Make sure to consider recent numbers, not what you were doing pre-COVID. If those last two numbers are the same, what how many you need and how many you’re getting, then you’re already on track to accomplish your goals for 2021.

But if that were the case, you probably wouldn’t spend your precious time reading the transcript of this webinar, so regardless of how well you’re doing and attracting new patients, you must have some big goals that require a solid plan to hit them.

Without a plan, you’re just adrift at sea, and your practice survival relies on the whim of outside forces that can (and has) shut down in-person events and traditional ways of generating new patients.

Having clear goals can really put wind in your sails. So what are your goals for 2021? What’s your revenue or collections target for the year? How much does that break down monthly? What will be your number of weekly patient visits? And then how many new patients that require each month? And you also need to consider what’s your average sign on rate? Because that’s gonna dictate how many new patient appointments you need every month.

I don’t expect you to know all your current numbers off the top of your head. In fact, most chiropractors or office managers I speak to don’t even monitor these. So make a note just to look into these numbers or have your team provide them to you. Otherwise, you won’t really know what’s gonna take to get you where you want to be.

Now that we have your goals and a clear idea of where you want to get to, it’s time to look at how to get there with your marketing.

The fundamentals for your online marketing are your message (what you say or write), your market (who you say it to), and your media (how you deliver your message or where that shows up).

The second thing you want to do is get your marketing message in front of the right people. And it starts with knowing who you’re speaking to. This is a chance to refresh yourself on who exactly you’re trying to attract into your office.

Remember this!! If you try and speak to everyone, you end up speaking to no one.

For example, if your ideal patient is a busy professional woman in her 40’s, who’s married with two kids, she’s gonna have very different desires, concerns, and frustrations than say, a college kid who was in an accident. (or for that matter, a retired man in his 60’s who may be struggling with arthritis or degenerative disc disease).

Of course, you can help every one of them, but their needs and their wants are much different, and the physical or health conditions are going to affect their lives in very different ways. So when you’re messaging, you wanna speak to them in the way that matters to them.

Remember!! When they find you online, whether it be on Facebook, or your website, or whatever, your message helps them understand if you can help them survive and thrive. And if they can’t, they’ll quickly move on. Effective marketing is all about putting together the right message for the right person.

So who is your ideal patient avatar? Are they a homeowner? What’s their age? Really start to get a good picture of who that is. I know you can help everyone or most people out there, but right now you wanna focus on who your ideal patient is, so you can craft a message that resonates with them.

And then down the road, of course, you can develop different messages for different patient avatars. But start with your ideal client avatar first. What are their fears and implications? What are their goals and desires? These are very real things that are going through their minds before they ever think about reaching out to you. As they start to consider chiropractic or you as a way of helping them reach their health goals, it all boils down to whether you are gonna help them survive and thrive, or confuse and lose them on your website?

So now that we’ve talked about who you’re going to market to, you want to craft your message with messaging that works.

Basically, some important things to consider in messaging are chronic or worsening conditions that can be treated or eliminated without surgery or drugs. Your ideal patients want to be confident that you can actually help and if not, then recommend the appropriate care provider. They want a realistic timeline and treatment plan for this specific condition and goals. So these are just some examples you want to begin getting clear on; What’s going through your ideal patient’s mind and what matters to them, and that’s how you’re going to make sure you get messaging that works.

So what is your message?
Why should someone see you instead of another office or a different type of care altogether?

The answer could be anything from your treatment protocols, how you help people get better faster, or you could have a couple of days you stay open later for people who can’t get away from work, maybe even Saturday mornings.

My own chiropractor opens early twice a week past lunch, and the other two days, he opens early afternoon. But that’s not why I see him or recommend them. I do that because he got me out of pain and helps me feel my best.

So what’s your message?

Your website is your hub. And you want to make sure it converts.

First and foremost, I would actually lump your Google business listing in there, because Google looks at both properties when it decides how close to the top to show either your website or maps listing versus another office.

The maps listing is much more prominent and shows your rating, your phone number, and whether you’re open or not. Your Google listing is going to drive more calls and traffic to your website than you ranking in the regular search results, the ones that appear way down the page.

However, your website SEO does have a factor in the ranking of your maps listing, because Google now has what’s called a Blended Algorithm. Your website and Google My Business listing is so intertwined and critical for when people search for you by name or just searching for a chiropractor.

So the question to ask yourself now is, is your website set up for conversion?
Does it have real photos of the doc, location, and team?

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Show them who you are by putting photos of you and your team instead of stock photos. Does your website speak to your target avatar? Does it address their fears and frustrations, and speak to why they should choose you?

A short welcome video introducing yourself and what they can expect should they come to you can go a long way, and make it obvious you can help them. In other words, instead of talking about subluxations and what services you offer, make it clear what conditions you can treat. Create a page that lists the various conditions they can get help with at your office. Make it about them, not you.

This all may sound counter-intuitive, but they care about themselves more than you. They care about whether you can help them survive and thrive. Make it clear you can help, because I guarantee that’s what they’re trying to figure out when they come to your website. And if it’s not clear, they will leave. They’re not going to work hard to find out. They’re just going to leave and go on to the next one.

Can they easily contact you? Is your phone number visible and tappable at the top and throughout the site? 61% of folks say messaging is the easiest, most convenient way to contact a business. Are you giving them the opportunity to engage with you via chat, so it’s easy to send a message from any part of your website? Can patients book appointments directly from the website? It’s best to not have prospective patients request an appointment by submitting a form, but truly secure an open time slot with an appointment scheduling software.

By the way, web forms are where leads go to die. Too many of them go unanswered or take a long time to follow up, people can’t trust that the form is actually going to get a response. So even if they do submit a request, they’re like going to just look to Google again for another available chiropractor.

Are you leveraging marketing automation and SMS to maximize your appointment conversion rates? All of these factors combined can easily take a 10% conversion rate and turn it into a 70% conversion rate of the website visitors into leads.

Imagine if you get seven times as many new patients from your website. How much faster would you hit your 21 2021 goals? Take a moment to pull up your website and look at it with the perspective I just shared. Is it built to convert? Is it missing any of those components that could get you more patient leads? Jot down any of those items you want your website team to tackle for you. Or if there are too many, this could be an opportune time to overhaul your website.

Going back to our Digital Dominance Wheel: You also wanna make sure your practice shows up in the Google Maps 3-PacK when a person searches for a chiropractor. If you’ve looked up any type of service online, you’ve probably seen results similar to this with the pay per click ads at the top.

The Joint is actually using extensions to take up extra real estate, so they’re the only ones we see here. And then pay per click ads to get about 14% of the clicks for local search intent like this. And then the maps 3-pack gets 68% of the clicks. That means only 18% of the other folks searching will scroll down past what’s visible there.

I’d wager that only happens when the results aren’t favorable, like the listing doesn’t include their website or they’re closed or they have no or few reviews or a bad rating.

Another thing to consider is that when a person searches from a computer instead of their phone, many times they just dial one of the numbers listed there, which means that Google doesn’t track that activity, and the three chiropractors in the maps results actually get even more than 68% of that search traffic.

What most chiropractors and business owners don’t know is that where a person searches from affects the ranking of the results. Of course, it makes sense that searching from Los Angeles is going to give local results instead of a provider in Dallas, Texas. But it’s much more fine-tuned than that. A business isn’t gonna rank in the same spot from everywhere in town. This is called the Pizza Effect. Because Google treats all businesses like it would if you were searching for a pizza place. You mainly care that A) They serve pizza and B) They are nearby. So Google is going to shows results based on three factors, and one of those is how close the business is from to where you search from.

Tools like this, like you see in my presentation, can tell you what position you have from different parts of your city. The example on screen shows results every half mile away. So you search for a chiropractor from your parking lot, you see yourself in the number one or two spot and you think hey, I’m doing all right. But try driving a mile or two away and see where you show up. It may not be so good. Like we see here, an office is number two, right by their office, but a half mile away, they’re number six. And if you’re not number one, two, or three, then it really doesn’t matter because you’re not getting the click or the call.

The thing to know is that there are things you can do to improve that ranking in those other areas of town. The three factors are Proximity, Authority, and Relevance. So things like your citations, your Google description, your reviews on Google, and a whole lot more actually can move you into those top three spots from just about anywhere in your city. And once you do that, you’ll get a good portion of the people searching Google for a chiropractor to call you or come to your website (which is now better built to convert those people into leads and appointments!)

The next major place you want to have a solid presence that can drive huge growth in your practice is social media. People were already spending a crazy amount of time on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Now that more people are staying or working from home, those numbers have shot up tremendously.

You want to have a presence where people are spending their time online. Facebook is still a huge majority of where people spend their time on social media, so that’s where you want to make sure you’re being seen.

I don’t mean posing funny names to your page or asking people if they’ve had their spine checked lately. In fact, most people aren’t even gonna see your Facebook posts. Only about 6% of people who follow your business page will even get shown your content by Facebook.

For businesses and chiropractic offices, running paid ads on Facebook is going to extend your reach more than anything else you do. In fact, if your website needs work, and you aren’t showing up in Google Maps, then investing your marketing dollars into Facebook ads is gonna produce a faster ROI and grow your practice much more than anything else.

Still do those other things, but really think of Facebook as patients today, improving your website conversion as patients tomorrow, and then local SEO or Google Maps as patients down the road.

When you consider that Facebook allows you to pinpoint who you show your ad to it’s the only place you can ensure that you’re putting the right message in front of the right person.

On Facebook, for example, you can offer pregnant women the chance to benefit from the Webster technique. You can then offer regenerative medicines to people experiencing arthritis and you can put new patient chiropractic offers in front of people who prioritize their health even when there are cheaper and easier alternatives available.

This opportunity is only available through Facebook, interest targeting is the only place you can do that. With this method, you can generate patients without even having a website at all! So despite how you may feel about Facebook, the platform, or the company, if you’re not taking advantage of advertising to the right people in your community, you are seriously missing out on a lot of patients who are going elsewhere, or in many cases, don’t even know that chiropractic can help them.

If you want to elevate the health of your community, then you need to be advertising on Facebook.

Retargeting Ads go by many names like Remarketing Boomerang Ads.

I call them Stalker Ads, because that jacket you looked at on Amazon keeps following you around the internet.

And honestly, everyone should be running retargeting ads.

Think about if your website is crushing it and converting 50% of its visitors, that still means that half of the people that came to your website to solve a problem went away without a resolution.

Those are some prime suspects to put your message in front of.

This is what you call low hanging fruit.

The reason that jacket follows you around the internet is because it’s far more likely you’ll click on that jacket and buy it than someone who never went to that product page. And you can show retargeting ads through different networks. It’s not just Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but on the majority of the websites people visit. It’s done through networks like Adroll and Taboola.

Pay attention to the retargeting ads you see as you visit different websites from now on and know that you can do the same thing without having to run a million dollar ad budget.

Reviews and Reputation Management are important too. Obviously, you want to have good ratings or reviews, but the quantity and recency also have an effect on both the person considering you and your Google ranking. Not to mention when you search for a specific business such as your practice, not only will a person see your Google listing, but oftentimes are going to see directories like ZocDoc, Yelp and RateMds, and even Facebook show up in the search results.

Too many docs focus solely on Google, and ignore those others. If you don’t have many reviews on the platform, all it takes is one bad review, regardless of whether or not it was legit, and that’s going to tank your overall rating in that search result and make someone think twice about getting care from you.

So you want to make sure you have campaigns in place that will continually get people to leave reviews on all of those different websites and directories.

Pay per click advertising has been around for a long time. Everyone knows what those are, they show at the top of results on Google and Bing when you search on those platforms. 14% of the people do click on them, so you will reach more people, but what I’ve found is, for chiropractors anyway, it’s a very low ROI, so I would put that at the end of the list after you’ve put all the other media strategies in place.

Now that I’ve covered the different places for your message, I want to switch gears and talk about the two components that need to be embedded in all of your marketing.

The first component I want to talk about is marketing automation. Here’s the problem that solves the 50% to 60% of your inbound leads that leave unconverted. The root cause of this problem problem is that 90% of submitted web forms fail to convert into actual patient visits. If leads aren’t followed up with within 15 minutes, they go cold. And the average person must be followed up with five to seven times before booking.

At Grow Your Chiro Practice, we know that today’s consumer prefers to interact via text message and chat versus a phone call or email. The solution I’m presenting you is to integrate marketing automation into your processes and touch points (customer journey).

It’s possible for you to automatically follow up with webforms, booked appointments, and other requests without you or your staff lifting a finger!

You can also use Facebook Messenger as your website chat widget, and there are automated tools for that such as Manychat, which enable you to map out different conversations and answer different questions automatically.

The key to success when installing and designing these features is in the follow up. There’s a saying that the fortune is in the follow up. Our clients see this all the time where a person responds to a fourth or a fifth text message, and they finally booked their appointment and actually thank the client for following up.

The beauty of all that is it’s all automated, the office doesn’t have to lift a finger once that’s in place.

In the end, if you’re converting more of those leads into appointments and patients that makes every lead you generate more valuable to you.

Even if you have already implemented every marketing piece I’ve covered, but don’t have your marketing automation in place, then you’re missing out. I’ve seen conversion increases of 30% or more just from this type of automated follow up.

You definitely want to prioritize integrating this into your marketing.

The fourth piece is to build your content strategy.

I’d say I saved the best for last, but honestly, each piece of the Digital Dominance Method goes hand in hand.

It’s like compounding interest, where every deposit increases the results you see down the line.

Similar to marketing automation, you want to be thinking about your content, strategy, and ultimately, your marketing message throughout all of your media.

And nowadays, content really is king.

The research shows that 70% of customers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads.

And 61% of consumers feel better about a company that delivers custom content, and they’re more likely to buy from them.

Leading with content has been shown to increase website leads by 126%. That’s more important for chiropractic than many other industries.

If people knew what you know about health and well-being, they’d beat a path to your door.

Most folks think chiropractic is just for neck and back pain, and content is your chance to make your community aware of all the ways you can improve their health. So by publishing articles, podcasts, and short videos, and then distributing them across the internet, on your website, Facebook, YouTube, Google My Business even, you’ll position yourself as the local health authority and generate goodwill and build up the Know, Like and Trust factors that lead a person to want to see you.

Google will even reward you by assigning your website and listing with more authority, which is one of those three factors I mentioned earlier that affect your map ranking. I even created a free editorial calendar for you so you have no excuse to not start publishing content immediately!

We covered a lot today: I went over your most critical media, which includes a well-converting website, your Google business listing, and your Facebook presence. I showed the impact of having marketing automation in all of your marketing and how to craft the right message for the right market. So take a moment now to jot down what conversion elements you don’t have and what you want to implement going forward.

Now that we’ve solidified a clear goal and target for 2021, let’s talk about the key trends that we see coming up for 2021! These key trends solve the marketing problem you have around reaching the people who need and want your care when you can’t do in-person events like you typically do to generate business.

This means showing up where people are right now, and that’s primarily Facebook and Instagram.

You want to have a strong Facebook presence with your content strategy and ads.

People don’t really want to pick up the phone, so make it easy to reach you by utilizing text messaging and Facebook Messenger on your website and in your marketing automation.

Lastly, you want to get all of your marketing pieces in place because that’s where you’ll see the best possible results. the whole- The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Each one of these implemented elements compounds the results from everything else you’ve done and are doing.

Build your 2021 plan. What’s your plan now for next year?

As you think about that, as you unpack everything I’ve covered today, be sure to check out our case study of Heskett Family Chiropractic, where I go in-depth on their results and the impact we’ve had on their practice. You can get there by going to, that’s HFC as in Heskett Family Chiropractic.

As you digest the case study, identify what are your top three internet marketing initiatives that you’re going to need to implement to hit your 2021 goal.

Here are the rewards for sticking around till the end! Just go to and you will be given access to The Ultimate Chiropractic Online Marketing Checklist and The Chiropractic Digital Dominance Method that we’ve gone over throughout the course of this webinar today.

And of course, The Editorial Calendar that I mentioned will also be there.

These are free, there’s no opt-in, you don’t need to give us your name information. They are my gift to you for all that you do.

So don’t wait! Go to that link, click the buttons, and download these free items to get you started making the most of your marketing in 2021.

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I hope you have a wonderful day. I hope you have a great new year and that 2021 really brings the next level for you and your practice.

Thank you so much.